Saina Gostar
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  • NEYSHABOOR 1041 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • نیروگاه سیکل ترکیبی 1041 مگاواتی نیشابور

History & Overview

The "Saina Gostar Pardisan Company" as owner of "Neyshaboor Combined Cycle Power Plant" and "South Fars Power Generation Management Company" (operator of Jahrom & Kazeroon CCPPs and Kangan & Booshehr GPPs) is one of the pioneer companies involved in power generation and management of electrical energy in Iran. This company has started its mission in this field through active presence in Iran's electricity market and exchange of energy since 2012. At the time being this company plays an important role in power industry through generation of up to 5 percent of total electricity demand of Iran's Grid.

The "Saina Gostar Pardisan co." is a creditable, active and merit system company. It is one of three biggest corporations generating stable electricity in Iran.


Our long-term goals are:

  • to emendation of power plant installations
  • to energy exportation
  • to supply major consumers
  • to perform overhauls
  • active presence in power generation companies syndicate
  • to perform plans of improvement in operation
  • to decrease internal consumption of power plans
  • to increase total generation through decrease maintenance durations
  • to upgrade units

Our short-term goals are:

  • to develop activities to renewable energies
  • to increase our portion in Electricity market
  • to possession of operator companies
  • to be reference in Electrical engineering technologies
  • to look ahead and innovation

Our mission is to generate electricity and supply inside / abroad consumers and investment on installation and operation of power plants.


  • generation and consumption optimizing.
  • to influence electricity market by bilateral agreements.
  • using renewable sources.
  • increase power plant efficiency using advanced technologies.
  • to develop operation of power plants.
  • using methods of organization excellence.
  • using modern methods for financing.
  • learning and continuous proceeding.
  • constructive interaction with research centers.
  • practical and fundamental researches in electricity and energy industry.