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  • NEYSHABOOR 1041 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • نیروگاه سیکل ترکیبی 1041 مگاواتی نیشابور

Announcement For A Public Tender

Announcement For A Public Tender

• Bidder organization : Saina Gostar Parsian Company (The owner of Neyshabour combined cycle power plant).

Tender Subject: Purchase of hot gas path parts of GEF9E turbine.

This is hereby to announce that Saina Gostar Pardisan co. intends to hold a public tender and after conducting qualitative assessment to buy some of hot gas path parts for its GEF9E gas turbine engines installed in Neyshabour CCPP located of khorasan Iran.

All producer companies invited to refer to the central office at the below address together with a written introduction letter an the original bank bill of 2.000.000 IRR paid to current account no: 31741100201.29 by Kosar Credit Institution maximum till Monday 23/sep/2019 to receive the assessment and tender documents.

tender deposit is an unconditional and multiple extendable bank guarantees to the amount of IRR.

Place and closing date for submitting tender bid central office of the Saina gostar pardisan co. located at the 5th floor of Kosar FCI building, no 183, motahari st, tehran, iran till 17:00 (Tehran the local time) on Saturday 28/sep/2019.

Tel: +98-21-42864262           email :                Website address:

The qualitative assessment document will be opened at 14:00 on Sunday 29/sep/2019. 

The technical and commercial envelopes of tender bid documents of the qualified.

Bidder companies will be opened after completion qualitative assessment.       

Important notes:     
- The newspaper advertisement cost shall be borne by the tender winner.

- Further information is available in the tender documents.

- The bidder is free to reject or accept any of bids.